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Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #4

Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #4

We have had rain, and shine and then bit more rain and a bit more shine again – you have to love the English weather. However, this has meant that our allotment residents A.K.A the plants have had all they need to grow and grow, some better that others!

The tomatoes were a bit late going into the raised bed, but boy have they grown! There is a jungle, with a tumbling variety at the front and bush variety at the back. Now all we have to do is wait for the fruit, yes that is right fruit. Fun fact, a tomato is a fruit because it comes from the flower of the plant and contains seeds. The bush variety have started to flower, so fingers crossed in the coming weeks we shall have some shiney red tomatoes.

As you may of read in early entries we have been growing sunflowers as part of the ‘Grow and Show We Care’ to thank all NHS and Key Workers for their dedication and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, our sunflowers are beaming ‘THANK YOU’ with their sunny heads! Did you join in with our community flower show? How are your ‘Grow and Show We Care’ Flowers looking? We would love to see pictures of them! Send them to us at .

If I do say so myself, don’t the lettuces look fantastic, there is something about their leaves in circles that just makes me smile! They have grown really well, I think next year we shall plant more lettuces but at different stages so there is constant flow of them throughout the summer months. The beans are growing up the poles and string, albeit a little slow. I have a feeling this may because the soil needs some more nutrients, something we be working on over the winter months. Finally, the courgettes and squashes are growing well, I particular like the squashes as they look like mini spaceships!

We are excited to see what will grow over the next few weeks! Have you been growing at home, if so, how has it gone? We would love to hear from you!

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