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Keep Calm And Carry On Playing

Keep Calm and Carry On Playing

Celebrate National Playday your own, safe, unique and creative way!

 National Playday, an event held annually across the UK on the first Wednesday of every August, is usually marked by large scale or small local events. This year Inspiring healthy lifestyles is calling on families to celebrate National Playday in the home.

Play Co-Ordinator at Inspiring healthy lifestyles, Jill Lane talks about the importance of celebrating National Playday and why it is more important this year than ever.

“Over the past 20 years we have played, celebrated, created and enjoyed the first Wednesday in August together! Each year has been exciting, creative, enjoyable, and successful in creating a playful environment.

Play is critical to a child’s development and while we have all done what we can to make the best of it, restrictions and lockdowns over the past few months have had huge repercussions when it comes to children and young peoples mental and physical health. When asked most children are happiest when playing with their friends.

When children are playing, they are healing, they are re-balancing, they are processing emotions – all of which are essential to their mental health. Giving them the opportunity to do this is hugely beneficial to their overall wellbeing and should be considered a priority.

Children, young people, and teenagers all need time and space to play. Socialising, safely, with friends gives them the opportunity to make sense of their world, helps develop their confidence and self-worth, improves their physical health and promotes positive mental health, and most importantly – it sparks happiness. 

Most children, when asked, are happiest when playing with their friends. To have diverse, supportive friendships to engage with and play with, helps children overcome barriers, build resilience, gain confidence, make sense of their world and overall, improves their health and wellbeing. 

Adults can encourage this to happen, by allowing time and space for play. Whether thats at home, outside, in school, or any kind of setting. Wherever young people are, play should be prioritised to help build childrens emotional and physical growth.

So please, on Wednesday 5th August, celebrate with us, play in the sun or in the rain, play inside, play out, in your own safe, unique way celebrate the importance of play.

Build dens, blow bubbles, get crafty, get messy, have an adventure at home, walk and run in the woods, a bike ride with friends, whatever it is, make it playful and enjoyable and lets remember to keep prioritising play!”

On Wednesday 5th of August Inspiring healthy lifestyles will be providing play ideas on their Facebook pages and want to see all of the creative ways you have celebrated the day at home.

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