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Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #3

Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #3

By Hettie Pigott- Senior Wellbeing Co-ordinator 

As much as I love the sunshine, I am very happy for the rain…for the allotment. All the plants have had a good soaking, I am hoping with the warm sunshine returning next week this will lead to a growth spurt and crop development. The only thing with rain is that I have yet devised a way for it water the plants in the polytunnel too, so keeping the cucumbers and tomatoes well-watered has been key.

A few updates on how things are getting on:

In the far bed a variety of cabbages were planted, and they must have looked tasty as the pesky pigeons have had a good munch – not happy! I need to devise a cabbage cage to keep the cabbages in and the pigeon out!!! It may be too late for this year but that is definitely a lesson learnt for next.
The courgettes and squashes are growing, they are a few weeks away flowering, but they are maturing nicely.

Strawberries plants are growing well but have not flowered. They were little later going in so over the next few weeks I expect we shall see some flowers and more importantly some Strawberries!

The beans are growing, some have started to spiral up the canes, however some may need a bit more encouragement if they haven’t taken over the next few weeks. The potatoes developing well and if they are anything like the ones in my veg patch home, I am sure they will shoot up soon.

Our Grow and Show We Care Sunflowers are doing fantastically! I am so excited for later in the summer where their happy heads are looking over the allotment, spreading happiness and saying thank to all the NHS staff and key workers. I will also show you later in the year how to harvest the seeds from the sunflowers to save them to replant next year, so you have that to look forward to. Have you planted Grow and Show We Care Sunflowers at home or any other flowers? I would love to see them! Send us some snaps to

The first plants have been planted into the newly filled raised bed, drumroll please… they are tumbling tomatoes. They will grow over the edge of the raised bed and look lovely, as well as taste it too! There is still plenty of room in this bed and I am looking for inspiration of what to plant! I’m thinking some quick growing plants, any suggestions?

As always, I would to hear how your home growing is going, comment on Facebook or send me email.

Happy Growing!

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