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Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #2

Chase Up Allotment Diary- Entry #2

A few weeks have passed since the first allotment diary entry, and a lot of plants have been steadily growing in the polytunnel and green houses, but now they have matured they are ready for the big world of the Chase Up Allotment!

Full of beans- one of the beds is dedicated to all thing’s legumes. The first trick with growing beans and peas is to build a support framework for them to climb up. This is where you can let your inner architect go wild, we have gone for a simple Toblerone structure, but you can go for a yurt shape or create something even more unique. The winds of last weekend tested the structural integrity of my bean frame and I am glad to report it is still standing! At the start of the week the beans took a big step, from the warm and safety of the polytunnel to the sheltered nursery bed, this hardens them off before being planted and being exposed to the British weather. Today they have finally made it to their permanent home of the legume bed, with plenty of water and hopefully lots of sunshine they will be soon climbing up the bamboo canes. One side is a white flowering runner bean while the other is a red flowering, we shall see which variety grows and most importantly tastes better.

I have an apology to make to the potatoes, after a month or so of watering bare soil, I was starting to lose faith that they were ever going to grow. But one day when I arrived at the allotment, I spotted some green shoots bursting through the soil, I didn’t want to get to excited as it could be a weed, but as I got closer it was clear they were potatoes! So, here is my apology, potatoes I am sorry for doubting you! They are now growing well and have been joined by a few cabbage plants in the one end of the bed– let’s hope they get along.

Our Sunflower ‘Grow and Show We Care’ bed is growing nicely, with the sunflowers that were in the polytunnel being moved to the raised bed. We can’t wait to see how tall they grow; I am hoping for at least 6ft. It will be a fantastic happy display of thanks to all the NHS staff and keyworkers that have kept our country going over the last few months.

The two beds at the end of the allotment are now full, one is filled with lots of different types of cabbages, squashes and courgettes and the other with a mix of strawberries, lettuces, celeriac, swede, and fingers crossed some carrots and beetroot!  The final raised bed is now half full of soil and just needs the top layer of nutrient rich compost to ensure it is ready for plants.
Any suggestions of what we should grow in this raised bed?

The polytunnel is now the home to three tomatoes plants and three cucumbers, they are separated at either end of our section as they do not like to grow next to each other. They are only small currently so hopefully the warm climate of the polytunnel will help them grow.

We would love to hear what you have been growing at home, please send any pictures and hints and tips to .

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